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Got questions about blogging?

The EBA blog is the ultimate blogging resource.

We know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and the strategy we teach at EBA will get you earning a lot more money a whole lot faster than if you try to do it on your own.

How to start a blog?

Want to start a blog but not sure where to begin? Starting a blog is not as tricky as you think! Check out our helpful guide to walk you through step-by-step setting up a successful and profitable blog.

Our EBA Starter Guide will also help give you a clear, proven path to success that you can implement right away to get your online business up and running with confidence.

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How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid by utilizing the four blog monetization strategies above. Can bloggers make good money? Absolutely! The potential is limitless. Don’t believe us? Here are some bloggers from all different walks of life and blog niches that are making money at every level, from beginners to professionals.

Check out these blogging success stories!

What types of blogs make the most money?

The truth is, our Customer Superhero Path framework has proven successful for thousands of bloggers, from every walk of life and niche! We have seen success from niches as broad as blogs about personal finance, and narrow as blogs about butterflies or succulents, and everything in between. But don’t take our word for it–check out some of our many, many Elite Blog Academy success stories here!

Not sure your business idea will work in the online world? Take our free assessment to find out if your blog or business idea will work!

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How do I get email subscribers?

Ever wish you had the perfect formula to grow your email list fast?

For most bloggers, growing a list is all about asking readers to sign up for a newsletter. While this may be all fine and good, growing this way will only give you a list of random readers that may or may not stick around.

At Elite Blog Academy & ACTIVATE, our goal is to find “our people.” The ones that love to read what we have to say and are going to follow us for a good, long time.

We call this a dedicated list, and it is the secret sauce behind just about every profitable blog.

And once you have that list, the sky’s the limit. Grab our free EBA Starter Guide to learn more about how to build your email list the RIGHT way!

How do I get traffic for my blog?

When it comes to focusing on traffic, bloggers tend to get stuck playing the “traffic game”, spending all of their time chasing page views and relying on those page views to drive revenue.

Unfortunately, playing the traffic game is not sustainable for a predictable and profitable online business. What happens if Google changes an algorithm or your Pinterest page crashes and, all of a sudden, no one’s coming to your page?

If you’re playing the traffic game, no traffic = no revenue.

To a large extent, traffic and page views are out of our control. And if we rely on something out of our control to drive revenue, we’ll never be IN control of the success of our blogs.

But luckily, there’s a better game for us to play.

And that is exactly what we teach within the Elite Blog Academy and ACTIVATE framework. Get your free EBA Starter Guide to learn more, or check out some of our helpful resources below.

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How do I create a lead magnet?

Creating a lead magnet can be as simple as turning a blog post or tutorial into a PDF. The key is to make sure that your lead magnet is something that serves your audience and keeps them coming back for more!

Here are some helpful tips on how to create a lead magnet that gets results, and what to do with your email list once you’ve built it!

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How do I create graphics for my blog?

If you’re not a graphic designer, creating graphics for your blog or website can seem a little daunting and overwhelming. However, we have learned a few tricks that will get you on your way to success without spending tons of time obsessing over colors and fonts and pixels!

Check out our helpful resources to get you on your way to creating graphics like a pro.

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Does it cost money to start a blog?

There are some costs associated with starting a blog and turning it into an online business. You will want to invest in some helpful tools, such as personal education, web hosting, email service provider, image editors, and social media schedulers. However, the costs associated with starting an online business are so much smaller than a traditional brick and mortar business.

The primary investment will be in “sweat equity,” or your time as you build the foundation for your online business.

Not sure how to get started? Eliminate the start-up overwhelm now. Our EBA Starter Guide provides a clear, proven path to success you can implement right now to get your online business up and running quickly with confidence.

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How to make money blogging?

There are many ways to make money blogging, but there are 4 primary sources of income:

1. Ad Networks

Ad networks are a great way to monetize your blog, but they can also be confusing. Use this beginner’s guide to learn how to make money with ad networks.

2. Affiliate Sales

Want to make more money on your blog but nervous you’ll come across as a pushy salesperson? Don’t miss this guide for using affiliate marketing to earn more money and keep your readers’ trust!

3. Private Advertising

Working directly with brands to promote their products is another popular blog monetization strategy. This can include sponsored posts, product reviews, brand ambassadorships), conference sponsorships, or paid product giveaways.

4. Selling Products

Perhaps the most profitable and effective way to make money blogging is to sell your own products. Here at EBA, we show you how to do this the right way, to create products that your audience is asking for, instead of the other way around, using the Upside Down Business Model.

Selling products on a blog can include selling everything from original e-books or e-courses to handmade items, or even blog promotional items such as t-shirts, tote bags, and bumper stickers.

Selling a product could also include selling or marketing a service. Depending on your blog niche, this could include everything from hosting local classes and services to online consulting services such as virtual home decorating services. This could also include social media consulting or virtual assistant work for other bloggers.

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What are the best social media platforms for my blog?

Social media can be a great way to promote your business, but it can also be a huge distraction and waste of your precious time!

Here are some helpful tips on how to use your time wisely when it comes to social media strategy and promotion.

How can I be a more productive blogger?

ROI or return on investment. This is a term we often hear related to marketing…as in, “did that Facebook ad give me a positive return on my investment?”

But have you ever thought of ROI in relation to your TIME?

Whether you’re just starting your business journey or you already have a team behind you, the old saying really is true: time is money.

And while this might sound like a cliche, the reality is that when you know what’s eating your time or what efforts carry the most weight, then you know if, what you are doing on a day to day basis, is really the best use of your time. The thing is, where you focus your time needs to be yielding results and paying off in the long-run.

At Elite Blog Academy/ACTIVATE, we focus extensively on making your time work FOR you, not against you. We set goals and work in 12-week sprints that will take you to clear, measurable results. Get our free EBA Starter Guide to learn more and be the first to be notified when our ACTIVATE Coaching Program opens for enrollment again!

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How do I create content for my blog?

Want the secret to creating amazing content? The key to writing a killer blog post, or creating a killer video or podcast episode, one that will keep your audience coming back for more, is crystal clear FOCUS!

At Elite Blog Academy/ACTIVATE, we teach how to create content that addresses the felt need of your audience and keeps them coming back again and again. Here are some resources to help you create content like a boss!

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