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Ruth-Soukup Brick RoundHEY THERE, I’M RUTH!

As a full time blogger at, my main focus and passion is helping my blog readers discover simple ways to live better, spend less, and have more time for the things that matter most. I never really intended to get into the business of helping other bloggers learn how to build their blogs and grow their businesses. It just sort-of happened.

You see, when I first started blogging, I made a ton of mistakes and learned some very hard lessons along the way. I often wished that there had been someone with experience to hold my hand and share all their secrets. I swore to myself that if I ever figured it out, I would try to help everyone I could.

Finally, a few years ago, I wrote a book called How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) that shared in detail the essentials of creating amazing content, growing blog traffic, as well as a number of monetization strategies. That book has gone on to help tens of thousands of bloggers (or those who aspire to be) get started.

From there I began working individually with bloggers through private consulting. I loved helping and encouraging people one-on-one, and the results were pretty dramatic, but I also found that there simply wasn’t enough time in my already busy schedule to keep up with the demand.

But I hated having to say no!

Thus, Elite Blog Academy® was born–an in-depth blogging course to help bloggers, step-by-step, exactly how to refine their message, grow their audience, monetize their platform, and build their business. In other words, it is everything I wish someone would have taught me when I first started blogging!


The results of EBA® students have been pretty amazing so far–many have tripled or quadrupled their traffic and income in just a few months, and the testimonials keep pouring in:

“Let me tell you about the best money I’ve spent this year….I started the course in mid-September and my traffic has tripled. For the first time ever since starting blogging in 2008, blogging as a real PT or FT job is a viable option for me and I’m just so excited.” -Lisa @ A Day in Our Shoes

“In the almost-two months since I started Elite Blog Academy®, I have more than doubled my monthly page views….I don’t do many reviews on my blog because there aren’t many products that I feel comfortable wholeheartedly endorsing…. But this course? The absolute best course I’ve ever taken. (Out of many, many courses!)” -Alexa @ Single Mom’s Income

“Elite Blog Academy® has been by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my blog. The course materials and handouts have taught me so much and the techniques really work. When I look at all the materials, bonus helpful handouts and extra personal help Ruth offers, I’m surprised but thankful she didn’t charge more.” -Carrie @ Carrie This Home

“When EBA® opened, I had no Facebook fans, no Pinterest followers, no anything. I was starting at the very bottom. I have been blown away by the results. I truly love how Ruth encourages newbies to build their content and brand rather than focusing on the numbers at the beginning….My little blog has grown by leaps and bounds this year as I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through this material. I love that I can take these units at my own pace and go back anytime to review and take more notes. Ruth also sends out a helpful weekly newsletter to share the latest and greatest things in blogworld and she has hosted several live chats where you can ask questions. Those have been so helpful and eye-opening….I’ve loved learning and growing from this course and can’t wait to see how this blog will have grown a year from now.” -Jennie @ Little Girl Designs

“Elite Blog Academy® starts with the basics, from getting your blog off the ground and creating KILLER content (for those of you that are beginners) to developing revenue streams and marketing on social media (for those of you in the mid-region of growth), and all the way to turning your blog into a business! This course taught me how to now only run my blog and my business correctly, but how to have the correct mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that will set my business up for long-term success. And that’s exactly what I want!” –Gretchen @ Retired by 40


If you already have a blog but want to take it to the next level, or if you have thought about starting a blog but don’t know where to start, Elite Blog Academy® might be right for you. We have discovered that our most successful students fall into one of three categories:


Perhaps you don’t yet have a blog or online business, or maybe you’ve just started one, but you want to establish a solid platform so that you can write a book or launch a product. Elite Blog Academy® can help make sure you are starting on the right foot with a firm foundation, and help you create a loyal audience of raving fans (and customers!)


Perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while but don’t feel like you’ve quite figured out the formula just yet. You know you’re missing some critical piece of the puzzle, but you can’t quite figure out what it is. Elite Blog Academy® will show you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to step up your game and find the success you’ve been looking for.


You’re well past the intermediate stage, yet somehow you feel like you’re still missing critical opportunities for traffic and revenue growth. You want to create a deeper connection with your audience, and build a sustainable long-term business. Elite Blog Academy® can help you take your business to the next level and transform your mindset from that of a blogger to that of an entrepreneur.

If you’re still not sure you are quite ready to begin, here are some simple steps that will help you prepare so that you can be ready in time for our next session.


Have you ever felt stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed by the seemingly endless requirements of trying to build and monetize a platform? Do you ever struggle with balancing the demands of a readership eager for new content and the reality of running a successful business? Have you wished for a step-by-step guide that could show you, step by step, everything you needed to know about creating a successful blog, from growing a loyal following to generating a sustainable income and transforming your passion into a business? 

I know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to juggle the day-to-day demands of writing a blog with the big-picture strategy of creating a profitable business. My own blog, Living Well Spending Less, has grown to become one of the most popular personal finance websites on the net, receiving more than one million monthly unique visitors.

But this wasn’t always the case.

Not so long ago it was just one small blog among many.

Like you I was stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I spent a huge amount of time searching for answers and solutions. I wanted to know how to do things better. And now I am sharing the secrets of my success in one comprehensive, life-changing course.

Through a powerful combination of effective videos, practical and insightful handouts, and purposeful assignments, Elite Blog Academy® will empower, enable, and inspire you to take the specific steps necessary to transform your blog into a successful and profitable business.

While many of the resources available for bloggers and Internet marketers apply only to those whose audience consists of other bloggers and marketers, Elite Blog Academy® is different. It shares proven, field-tested strategies for building a successful, profitable blog, regardless of the niche and no matter the target audience. I’m not just writing about blogging from a theoretical perspective. I am out there doing it, every single day.

In this course, I will help you:

  • Overcome the destructive cycle of comparison by embracing what makes YOUR platform unique and therefore marketable.
  • Eliminate blog confusion by creating an organized framework that sets the stage for everything you do.
  • Master the four essential strategies to creating blog content that gets noticed and shared.
  • Discover the secret to harnessing the most powerful free marketing tool in the world.
  • Understand what is not working in your current monetization model and instead develop concrete goals and a solid plan for achieving them.
  • Dramatically increase your site’s passive income by mastering the four key strategies of optimizing ad network revenue.
  • Take advantage of the critical—but often ignored—connection between SEO and ad revenue.
  • Stop spinning your wheels and instead develop new affiliate sales techniques that actually work.
  • Overcome your fear of private advertising and instead learn to approach brands with confidence.
  • Learn what it really takes to earn a six-figure income from your blog, then develop your own product along with a successful marketing plan to sell it.
  • Eliminate time wasters and instead uncover three simple but critically important strategies for working more efficiently.
  • Create a solid working business plan to take your blogging business to the next level.

It is possible to create a successful business from a blog, and at Elite Blog Academy®, I share exactly how it’s done, step-by-step.



Elite Blog Academy® is designed to be self-paced, but should not be completed in less than 12 weeks. Realistically, you should expect to begin to see dramatic results in 4-6 months. Blogging is not for the faint of heart, and this course absolutely requires a willingness to buckle down and get to work. You should not even consider taking this course if you aren’t willing to put the time and energy into completing each assignment. You should plan on spending no less than 5-10 hours a week for at least 12 weeks on course work.

That said, for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, I know for a fact the strategies I share in this course will work; they already have. In fact, I am so sure that this stuff works that I am backing it with a money-back guarantee. If you complete the course and have not seen measurable results in both traffic and income growth I will give you a full refund. That’s a pretty incredible promise, but it means that you’ve literally got nothing to lose.


The doors for Elite Blog Academy® open to the public just once a year, for five days only. While the course is intended to be self-paced, we do this so that EBA® can be somewhat like a college course, with a syllabus and office hours, and so that we can limit enrollment to ensure that my team and I have enough time and resources to devote to the incoming class. The best way to ensure a spot in our next class is to join our waiting list.

The next registration period starts on March 4th, 2019. Doors will close again on Friday, March 8th.


The tuition for Elite Blog Academy® 3.0 is just $897. That’s less than $1,000 for the opportunity to change your life and create a full-time career. Less than you would pay for ONE semester at even a community college, or for one class at a 4-year university. The only difference is that unlike a semester at college, completing this course will show you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to earn a full time income on your blog. It’s a course that will pay for itself over and over again.


The next registration period starts on Monday, March 4, 2019. Doors will close again on Friday, March 8th. To receive occasional updates and to be notified when our doors re-open, please fill in the form below.