“Elite Blog Academy tuition was the BEST money I have ever spent.”

- Jennifer Maker, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I just cannot believe how the Superhero Path has really made a difference and has clarified to me how to set up a business and where you are taking your customers, and how you are making your customers life long customers."

- Taryn Palacios, current ACTIVATE member

"I have to tell you the binder and the charms—I know it's silly but it is really making me want to keep going and going and try and get things done quicker so that I can be one of those people that finishes my quarterly goals and gets my charm! It's kind of funny, but for me it's working!"

- Tracey Albrecht, current ACTIVATE member

"It is worth every single penny if not more because the ability of growth that you can see in your own company—we went from $30,000 in one year to now we are going to make $300,000 in one year. And that's within 4 months!"

- Brooke Van Sickle, current ACTIVATE member

"If you really want to make your blog a success and you really want to make money from home, you have to have a path to follow, you have to know the right steps, you have to know how to get there from A to Z. The ACTIVATE program to me is the only one around that will take you through those exact steps and coach you along the way. Not only coach you along the way but push you into the fact you can make money almost immediately. I did it within the first 4 months, there's no reason why anyone else can't do the same."

- Bette Daoust, current ACTIVATE member

"It's just that feeling that I'm never by myself, I'm never really going to have to figure something out on my own. I'm not going to have to waste time trying to find the answers, I know where to go for the answers. And most likely they're already there for me."

- Jennifer Roskamp, current ACTIVATE member

"It was the best decision I made. If I could go back I would have just started with this instead of all the other things that I did. There is something here for every part of your business."

- Tania Brown, current ACTIVATE member

“Activate has been a game changer for me professionally and personally. It helped me to get the beginning stages of my business up and running much faster than I would have done in a self-paced program. Personally it has helped me to face the fact that I was dealing with a scarcity mindset and changing that mindset to abundance."

- Bonnie Meadows, current ACTIVATE member -

“Having Ruth as a coach to guide you and answer any question you may have has been so helpful and helped me grow my business faster than I ever thought possible. After blogging for 10 months and not making any money, I joined ACTIVATE in January. Within one month I was able to make over four figures each month and I gained over 1,000 new subscribers."

- Meagan Bukowski, current ACTIVATE member -

“I have been in a number of business coaching programs and the value I gained from those pale in comparison to how much teaching, support, and effort is put into us by Ruth and the ACTIVATE team. I know I will be successful in the digital business world with them in my corner. This is the real deal."

- Sarah Maynard, current ACTIVATE member -

"I did a few other classes and courses with different people and I always felt like there was some piece of their business they weren't sharing. With Ruth I feel like she is willing to share everything—she shares things that don't work and she shares things that work. That really resonated with me that I was going to work with someone who was an open book."

- Kristin Mitchell, current ACTIVATE member

"I knew that anything Ruth produced would be top-notch. It was just the thing I needed to refocus on my business, to level up my strategy, to have actionable tools and resources, expert advice and accountability."

- Melissa James, current ACTIVATE member

"In 2018 I made $10, in all of 2019 I was just under $1000, in 2020 my total revenue was $9765 and then now just in 2021 alone I'm almost to $11,500. I've made more just this year alone than I did all of last year and I owe it to the specific steps I've taken to grow my business."

- Audrey Crawford, current ACTIVATE member

"I see the whole path which before joining ACTIVATE I could never fully see how I was going to make money. I knew all these things I could talk about but I never really knew the full picture of how it was going to work, and I can totally see it now."

- Katrina Rauch, current ACTIVATE member

"I have super limited time to work—I have two very little kids and I have maybe 2-3 hours a day to devote to my business, but Ruth's planning system has really been so helpful to stay on track and to stop wasting my time on all of the urgent tasks but instead to focus on my big picture goals that are going to make a big difference in my business."

- Heather O'Donnell, current ACTIVATE member

"Ruth is here to help us create a profitable business. We all want a profitable business so that we can enjoy serving the people. We can't serve people if we can't make any money. We want to serve these people and that's the key, is that we have to make the money to survive, or to be sustainable or to thrive. We actually can see that we are on that path now."

- Debt Free Guys, current ACTIVATE members

“This is unlike any other program I've seen and I'm all about taking courses and investing in my business. This is the real deal. You'll have to do the work of course, but literally all of the help and training that you could ask for is in the ACTIVATE program. You need weekly motivation? Done. Need someone to hold you accountable? Done. Need a place to ask questions? Done. Need support for getting the technical stuff done? It's there. Crash course in Facebook Ads? Done. Don't waste time wondering if this is right for you. I've been able to make my money back so many times over. It's so worth it!”

- Shelley DeVore, current ACTIVATE member -

"There's nothing more energizing than being a part of a community that really shows up and supports each other. ACTIVATE is the real deal."

- Laura Collis, current ACTIVATE member -

"Friends don't let friends not join ACTIVATE. It is exactly where you need to be."

- Kristin Wierenga, current ACTIVATE member -

"I needed more accountability, more hands on, and this step by step program has quite literally changed the trajectory of my business."

- Amber George, EBA Class of 2018 -

"I knew that making an income from my online business was possible but I really didn't have a clear path to get there. Growth was really slow and ACTIVATE has really provided that clear path and the support that I needed to apply it to my own business."

- Marielle Melling, current ACTIVATE member -

"I have accomplished more in 3 months than I did in an entire year before this, and I'm blown away by it."

- Sheila Crew, current ACTIVATE member -

"ACTIVATE has helped me shift my mindset from chasing page views and being stuck in an endless hustle to creating an income that is consistent and predictable."

- Jessi Wohlwend, current ACTIVATE member -

"ACTIVATE has been a game changer because it gets me to show up every week and be accountable to my business."

- Jennifer Tuck, current ACTIVATE member -

"In six months I've accomplished more than I ever thought was possible.:

- Sandy Kibling, current ACTIVATE member -

“ACTIVATE is a game changer! It's just the right mix of instruction, feedback, and accountability. I went from stressed and frustrated that my business wasn't growing to confident and clear on my business goals. I'm so thankful to Ruth and her team for introducing this program."

- Deb Meyer, current ACTIVATE member -

“Starting ACTIVATE has been the best decision I ever made on my business. I’ve had more success in 3 months than I have in the 4 years I’ve been blogging. And I’m going to continue that success in the next 3 months!"

- Robyn Cardamone, current ACTIVATE member -

“I am so grateful to be a part of ACTIVATE! Ruth and her team are knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating. I was trying to figure out my online business alone which lead to constantly spinning my wheels and procrastinating, not really sure what to do next. Since joining I have the accountability and clarity to move forward with purpose."

- Amy Bailey, current ACTIVATE member -

A peek into just a few of the wins our students are sharing in the ACTIVATE Facebook group....

"EBA® was a game-changer in my business. After blogging for six years with no real systems in place, Ruth's step-by-step program helped me clean up my online presence and maximize the potential of my platform. I have purchased many blogging programs and books, and this is hands-down the best content I have ever seen. Whether you are a new or seasoned blogger, do the work, and you will see results. It is the best money I've ever spent."

- Tess Masters, EBA Class of 2017 -

"In just a few weeks' time, I totally revolutionized the way I was writing my content, marketing my content, and overall creating a long-term strategic plan to develop my blog into a business."

- David Cahill, EBA Class of 2017 -

"Taking a leap of faith with EBA made me take myself seriously. I did all the work and committed to being successful. EBA changed my life--no exaggeration."

- Amanda Waterston, EBA Class of 2018 -

"I found something that makes me happy to my core. EBA has changed everything and taken me from hating life to loving every aspect of what I do. It was the best thing I've ever spent money on."

- Caroline Vencil, EBA Class of 2016 -

"I read every lesson twice, watched every video carefully, and did EVERY assignment. I listened to those who had come before me, who were so willing to share. I just followed the framework. And it worked. EBA® tuition was the BEST money I have ever spent."

- Jennifer Maker, EBA Class of 2017 -

"EBA took us from making $6,000 in our first year to $30,000 in our second year, then to 6-figures and beyond. Those results don't lie. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself."

- Talaat & Tai McNeeley, EBA Class of 2015 -

"When it comes to enrolling in EBA®, the ONLY question that should be in your mind is ‘am I committed to doing this?’ Even if you are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s worth it. When you see what’s possible, it is such a small investment, and if you are committed to doing the work, you will see results."

- Rosemarie Groner, EBA Class of 2014 -

“When I started EBA® in March 2017, I had 600 email subscribers. Now I've gained more than 6,000 email subscribers by understanding who my readers are and how I can help them. As a working mom, I did every assignment at night and followed Ruth's advice. My blog has grown to almost 90,000 page views a month. I love having a plan for creating and building a business. Not only do I love blogging more than ever, my monthly income is more than $3,500 and growing every single month! EBA® is the best thing I could've ever invested for when I was ready to take my blog to the next level."

- Brittany Wise, EBA Class of 2017 -

"Just one year after enrolling in the Elite Blog Academy®, I am finally pulling the plug on my corporate career. A marketing career of 10 years that I earn a very comfortable salary with. It’s scary and amazing all at the same time! So, how did I do it in just one year? I followed Ruth’s steps to turn a blog into a thriving business! And it’s all laid out in a logical manner, where you can see your progress being made."

- Kristy Haare, EBA Class of 2018 -

“My blog has grown tremendously thanks to Elite Blog Academy® and I can’t speak highly enough about the course. In terms of blog growth, I went from 1,000 monthly page views to 160,000 monthly page views in under a year, which is something I never thought possible! I learned how to monetize my blog through Ruth’s various strategies and earned over $13,000 in my spare time last year. I also created a product and started my own business, which allowed me to quit my full time job. None of these opportunities would have been possible without Elite Blog Academy®!”

- Kristen Larsen, EBA Class of 2017 -

"We wish we would have known about EBA so much sooner. It would have saved us SO much time and money had we done it right the first time!"

- Timberly & Andre Gray, EBA Class of 2018 -

"We don't just want to make money, we want to have purpose and meaning. That is why I started a blog."

- Tracy Lynn Shugarts, EBA Class of 2017 -

"EBA helped us look at our blog as a business. We got clear about who we were writing to, and the income followed. Our traffic doubled, and we're now the #1 personal finance blog for the LGBT community."

- The Debt Free Guys, EBA Class of 2017 -

"Blogging is hard work. Results do not come for free and Elite Blog Academy is not magic. It won't do anything if you don't put the work in, but I put the work in and within a year I had more than tripled my page views and was earning more than $10,000 a month from my blog."

- Tasha Agruso, EBA Class of 2014 -

"I never in a million years thought that starting an online business was something that I could actually do. Ruth and Elite Blog Academy have given me that confidence."

- Tammy Rotzoll, EBA Class of 2018 -

"Blogging single-handedly saved our family and our small business from having to close its doors, and transformed our storefront into a well-trafficked location both in-person and online."

- Ryan Liggett, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I'm constantly asked what my recommendation is for my favorite overall blogging course, and that is Elite Blog Academy®. I truly believe that it's the best blogging course out there."

- Michelle Schroeder, EBA Class of 2015 -

"It may seem like it takes a while to make money, but once you see it happen, it's like a snowball and it keeps growing and growing. I know it's only going to go up from here."

- Kara Fidd, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I had no idea that only a few months after starting EBA, I would need to use my blog to support my supersized family. It would have been scary without the plan that EBA® provides."

- Jennifer Roskamp, EBA Class of 2015 -

"Blogging is amazing not just for the potential income, but because you'll grow as a person. You'll learn about yourself and discover a part of who you are that maybe you never knew was there."

- Sareeta Lopez, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I followed every single step that Ruth told me to do, and my email list exploded to 30,000 in about a year and a half. There is absolutely no doubt that EBA will change your life."

- Monica Froese, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I am a worker. I don't want to waste time--I want results. I want a path and I want to know what is going to be right. That's exactly what Ruth and Elite Blog Academy do for me."

- Shelley Jefsen, EBA Class of 2018 -

"If you join for no other reason than the network that you get to be a part of, it's a game-changer. You literally get to connect with the Tom Bradys of the blogging world. It's the greatest playbook there could ever be about blogging."

- Jay Kruger, EBA Class of 2019 -

"My blog has come so far in so many ways because of EBA®, and so have I as a blogger. I still am not quite at the income level that I want to grow my blog to, but I know that I actually have the plan to get there. I am starting to see growth on the foundation that EBA® teaches you to build first. Ruth's mastermind of EBA® is a true gem. It's the one course I will always value over any other course. It's the Holy Grail of blogging."

- Layne Dasher, EBA Class of 2019 -

"For one month I worked tirelessly on my blog based on Elite Blog Academy, juggling my internship and my blog together and just one month later, I DOUBLED my blog income."

- Javeriya Sayeed, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I was lucky to be included in the first Elite Blog Academy® group. Since then, I've gone through the course three times. Every single time I learn something new. Ruth's teaching has proven correct through the years. Her wisdom isn't based on the latest algorithm or fad but tried and true methods that withstand the test of time. Even after the first few lessons, I doubled the traffic on my blog. Since enrolling, my blog is more focused, more beautiful and more useful to my readers."

- Elaine Mingus, EBA Class of 2014 -

"EBA gives you structure and order so you don't go insane. Not only do you get the tools you need, but you also get the support. It's the best thing to ever happen to the blogging world!"

- Flavia Andrews, EBA Class of 2017 -

"Elite Blog Academy paved the way for me to build a platform, get a book deal, make a full time income, and even allowed for my husband to quit his full-time job!"

- Kim Anderson, EBA Class of 2015 -

"There is something in EBA for everyone. I was blogging for 6 years before I started, but still went through every lesson and got something from all of them. It is a great guide!"

- Jasmine Watts EBA Class of 2017 -

"The knowledge that you get through EBA, especially right from the beginning of your blog, puts you way ahead of the game. If you want your life to look different than it does today, EBA can give you that freedom."

- Pam Grice, EBA Class of 2018 -

"After the first month of applying EBA practices, my blog nearly tripled in pageviews. Two years later, I'm still growing! I attribute that to the solid foundation that Elite Blog Academy® helped me to establish."

- Joann Crohn, EBA Class of 2015 -

"EBA was some of the best money I've ever spent, because EBA teaches you how to use all the tools you need. Without that direction and clarity, it is too easy to become frustrated and just quit."

- Stephanie Miller, EBA Class of 2017 -

"It wasn't until we worked through EBA® that we realized the difference between being a blogger and creating a lifelong, sustainable business. Over the past few years we've been able to use our blogs to create a company that is bringing in passive income while we pursue our dreams. If you're looking to get organized and build a real business, EBA® is a no-brainer."

- Mike & Carlie Kercheval, EBA Class of 2014 -

"EBA is the one huge purchase I don't look back at and cringe. It was literally the stepping stone to a brand new life!"

- Grandi Michelle, EBA Class of 2017 -

"It took me about 8-9 months to finish, but once I was done, things began to fall into place and my income started to reflect the new skills I gained from Elite Blog Academy®. "

- Aja McLanahan, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I started EBA when making money from blogging wasn't even on my radar, and 2 years later I was making a full-time income from my online business."

- Gina Horkey, EBA Class of 2014 -

"Two years after finishing EBA, I'm making enough money to pay my mortgage and so much more! It’s beyond my wildest dreams”"

- Carly Campbell, EBA Class of 2016 -

"EBA felt low risk to enroll because it was solid information and was backed by dozens of seasoned bloggers. Since I signed up, it has felt like a compass whereas before I always felt lost.”

- Melissa James, EBA Class of 2018 -

“Most industries you feel the competitive attitude and the territorialism- and EBA is not like that. It is open, inviting…they are your cheerleaders and want to help you and share what they have learned. That type of community is rare and irreplaceable."

- Kristen Millican, EBA Class of 2017 -

“Before enrolling the program, I felt like I was spinning my wheels — not making the progress I thought I should. EBA® helped me shift my mindset and showed me how to systematically accomplish all of the big tasks I had been putting off because I lacked the knowledge to do so. Seven months later, my hobby turned business is now earning $1,000 per month and my page views have increased from 30,000 to 172,000!”

- Brittany Ann, EBA Class of 2015 -

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you taught me through EBA® and the encouragement to go for it with creating and launching a product! Because of your advice I buckled down and made my first product, the Stay at Home Mom Survival Kit, and am actually launching it today! It was a lot of work, but so worth it!”

- Rebekah Schwind, EBA Class of 2018 -

“When I enrolled in Elite Blog Academy®, I was starting from square one with my new blog, Little Girl Designs. I made the investment knowing I needed a strong foundation, and I’m so glad I did. The principles I learned in EBA® helped me grow my pageviews, build a strong email list, and grow my social media accounts. And in my first year I created two workbooks, two mini courses, and countless resources for my readers using many of Ruth’s guidelines. Because of the success of these products, this course has absolutely paid for itself over and over again. You can’t afford to not take it!”

- Jennie Moraitas, EBA Class of 2016 -

"Not only did EBA tell me HOW to build her business, Ruth’s kindness, her teaching style, and the amazing community have given me the confidence to be a blogger and think of myself as a business woman."

- Treasure Provost, EBA Class of 2018 -

"Looking back now, EBA® was easily the BEST investment I ever made in myself, my blog & my career. It was a game-changer and I only wish I had taken it sooner to avoid all that wasted time, energy and frustration."

- Saira Perl, EBA Class of 2016 -

"A year after completing Elite Blog Academy® and faithfully implementing everything Ruth taught, I was able to finally make my dream happen—I quit my corporate job and became a full time blogger!"

- Tanya Griffis, EBA Class of 2015 -

"Ruth helped me make the important mindset shift to understand that earning money from my blog was not selling out."

- Edie Wadsworth, EBA Class of 2014 -

"I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without EBA. If you are on the fence, just know it is completely worth it."

- Melissa Blevins, EBA Class of 2018 -

"Even though running a blog takes a lot of work, I have fallen in love with it! It has been an amazing creative outlet for me to share my ideas and help others."

- Mary Smith, EBA Class of 2017 -

Working with Ruth is the most powerful tool I have yet encountered in building my blog. In implementing her advice, my traffic quadrupled almost immediately, and I learned valuable insights for building a brand. In less than one year, I have increased my blog traffic by over 3,700% and my subscribers by 2,700%! Not only is Ruth full of hard-won wisdom and experience, she is a soulful encourager.”

- Tammy Strait, EBA Class of 2015 -

"It's unbelievable how much I learned in less than a year. I remember being afraid of making this investment because my blog was only 3 months old when I joined the course. Now, looking back at this great year, I can say that it was totally worthwhile! This course has helped me grow my blog, build an engaged audience, and set a great foundation for even more growth in the future! I love being part of the EBA® community because it gives me the opportunity to connect with awesome bloggers and learn from their experience too! It's the most comprehensive blogging course that I've ever seen and it offers a step-by-step approach that is easy to understand and implement."

- Raluca Loteanu, EBA Class of 2017 -

"To say that EBA has changed my life is an understatement. Unlike many entrepreneurs in the business world today, Ruth’s core values make her exceptional. Elite Blog Academy is designed on the foundation of those same values. This is a course that offers a lifetime of learning. EBA teaches you sound business principles and Investing in this program is a sure-fire way to ensure your success. No matter who you are or what your circumstances, you have a unique story that the world needs you to share."

- Allison Chovanec, EBA Class of 2016 -

"It’s safe to say that EBA has changed, not just my life, but the lives of my whole family. It was a risk that paid for itself in the first month. It allowed my husband to quit that taxing job, and start his own in-home business. "

- Elise Draper, EBA Class of 2014 -

"I’ve learned that really the the sky’s the limit – for everyone, for you for me. It’s not all about income because I’d want to do this even if I wasn’t making anything."

- Amylia Coover, EBA Class of 2017 -

"It's so comprehensive and intensive, that you’d think it would be overwhelming. But it wasn’t! And that’s EBA®’s magic – you get this awfully huge information in little bites, step by step."

- Alicia Gonzalez, EBA Class of 2017 -

"Once I started the Elite Blog Academy® lessons, I kicked myself for not investing in EBA® the very first time I heard about it! There are so many valuable lessons for new and experienced bloggers, alike."

- Lena Gott, EBA Class of 2016 -

"EBA® changed my life. I got through that period of my life of not being clear and not knowing what to do next. It has given me drive and purpose to know the work I’m doing is actually meaningful is so important for me."

- Adi Luedeking, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I knew I had great content but did not know how to gain traction, or what to focus on and when. I needed a plan — a step-by-step process I could implement — from someone who knew what to do. EBA® was a game-changer for me!"

- Arabah Joy, EBA Class of 2014 -

"The whole process of learning methods for developing my writing and my content really helped me to hone that message so i wouldn’t be rambling in every direction. EBA® has given me the opportunity to set into place a way of helping others."

- Trish Townsend, EBA Class of 2017 -

"EBA® gave me the foundation to accomplish my goals by providing me the resources, tools, and strategies to implement my plan and move my business forward. I learned what it requires to take a blog from mediocre to phenomenal."

- Maureen Campiaola, EBA Class of 2015 -

"I retired 5 years early. My blog income has already exceeded my retirement income, and I know I'm going to make it, thanks to Elite Blog Academy. I'm living on 26 acres of pastureland in Idaho thanks to EBA!"

- Heidi Viages, EBA Class of 2018 -

"EBA® was a game-changer in my business. After blogging for six years with no real systems in place, Ruth's step-by-step program helped me clean up my online presence and maximize the potential of my platform. I have purchased many blogging programs and books, and this is hands-down the best content I have ever seen. Whether you are a new or seasoned blogger, do the work, and you will see results. It is the best money I've ever spent."

- Tess Masters, EBA Class of 2017 -

"I started EBA in March 2018. By January of 2019, I had started to consistently make money, and by May, my blog was officially profitable! When March 2019 rolled around and I saw EBA open its doors again, I remember looking at my husband and saying, 'Thank God I didn’t wait another year to do this.'"

- Rachel Muur, EBA Class of 2018 -

"I saw results from EBA almost immediately. The principles in EBA are essential for creating a strong, healthy blog. From that position, a blogger is then able to start earning some income. EBA presents the principles very clearly and simply and Ruth is a great motivator: in the course videos, in the FB group, and on her podcasts."

- Diana Petrillo, EBA Class of 2019 -

"Traffic to the blog saw a noticeable uptick as soon as I began EBA. The numbers were still small, but there was a doubling in the volume of visitors and page views. Because I operate in a niched niche, the SEO work I did through EBA started to yield results pretty quickly. My page began appearing on the first page on Google ranking for quite a few of my blog posts from an early stage!"

- Sarah Morris, EBA Class of 2019 -

"When I started working my way through EBA I thought I already knew who my audience was and the type of people I was talking to so I skimmed over the section about getting to know your avatar. As soon as I realized that who I had been TRYING to talk to and who I WAS talking to were two completely different types of people, I went back and was really able to give my audience what they wanted and when I started doing this, my page views took off and my mailing list grew rapidly in a short period of time which ended up hugely increasing my income from ads, affiliate sales, and my own product sales."

- Amy Raines, EBA Class of 2019 -

"One of the biggest benefits to joining EBA and following Ruth has been learning how to think like an entrepreneur. From finances, to marketing, to goal-setting - EBA has given me the tools to turn my side hustle into an actual business. I never thought I could leave my teaching job to run my own business, but within three years of me starting my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I was able to quit my teaching job because my income from TPT was double that of my teacher's salary."

- Sara Marye, EBA Class of 2018 -

"As a result of studying EBA®, in less than ONE year's time, I've launched a full-bodied blog, (closing in on 100 articles) started a second blog, successfully launched a best-selling book, gained a following of over 1500 subscribers, and made my first $2,000 all with the help of Elite Blog Academy®. (And I’ve had a blast doing it!) My life has changed incredibly over the last year. I would have never imagined I’d be where I am today. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store! Without Elite Blog Academy®, I would still be surfing the internet, reading other peoples’ success stories, while my life stayed the same."

- Amber Fox, EBA Class of 2019 -