From Frustrated to 4X More Income

I taught for eight years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. In January of 2013, after five years of parenting, I decided to begin a blog. I started blogging as a way to record the things I did with my children – to keep myself accountable and share what I was learning with others. My intention was to be a resource for stay-at-home moms and as I thought about being a more thoughtful, deliberate parent, I named my blog The Measured Mom. Soon, though, I realized that the best I had to offer wasn’t parenting tips, but teaching resources and printables. My niche became education resources for parents and teachers.

By November of 2014, I was frustrated – thinking about blogging all the time and spending far too much time on it without enough return on my investment. I felt overwhelmed with all there was to do and felt as if blogging was an endless quest to get more and more pageviews. Initially, I hoped that EBA would help me increase my pageviews. But I got so much more out of the course! One of my biggest fears was that my one income stream (advertising revenue) was unreliable. EBA helped me find many different ways to monetize. I now see myself as a businesswoman. My blog is an asset of my business, not my business itself. I have a very solid blog income now, which is a huge blessing to our growing family.

Since enrolling, I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be everywhere on social media; I can pick the platforms that I enjoy instead of spending all my time being everywhere. This has been very freeing! Most of all, though, I’ve learned to think ahead. Instead of trying to get pageviews today, I’m creating products and planning for tomorrow. We had a baby in December. I spent very little time blogging in January, but with my systems in place I made record income! A year after enrolling in EBA, my monthly income had more than quadrupled. I love how EBA is the gift that keeps on giving! New content is continually added to the course, and I get to benefit!