From Needing Focus to Creating a Plan for Success

I help moms raise their families and stay sane. My posts tackle parenting problems as well as provide easy meals, delicious treats and a little style and beauty is thrown in the mix. As a parent located in Phoenix, AZ, I could not find a blog that had the level of detail I wanted about attractions in the area such as where to park, best ways to maximize time while there, what to see and what to avoid. So, I started the blog I needed and to provide a resource for other parents in the area.

I initially enrolled in EBA to learn how to get my message out to even more people. Through EBA I learned how to market my posts on Pinterest and write better material. Now all of my focus goes into content and photos, because that’s what motivates reader to return. Pinterest has now become my new bestie!

I also learned that you reach your goals when you have a plan. EBA assisted me with creating my business plan and my first product has now launched! My page views have tripled, so my ad revenue has increased and I’m being contacted more often by outside PR companies. All of this is a direct reflection of my content. I will be eternally grateful to EBA and anticipate growing even more in the future!