From Dead End to Steady Growth

My blog is about growing succulents, focusing mostly on indoor growing and fun projects to create with succulents. I had one goal – figure out the best way to grow my blog without killing myself in the process.

I signed up for EBA because I wanted to increase my traffic and income. In addition, I felt that I had reached a dead end. Now I’m able to better focus on the topics that my readers are most interested in and I’m able to work more efficiently, and I became better at planning, too.

In fact, the most valuable part of EBA for me was the section about creating an editorial calendar. Although I was a bit reluctant at first, I created one and was shocked to discover that my calendar was booked for 4 months! This realization dramatically improved how effective I became at time management.

Scheduling also helped me to increase my traffic significantly and to maintain a higher rate than before. I’ve even been able to increase my eBook sales by focusing on what was working and improving those areas.

As a result of attending EBA, I began focusing on affiliate programs and now make about $700 a month. This course is definitely something I’d recommend to other bloggers! And my best advice to those who do enroll is, “Do the assignments!” When I signed up for EBA, I told myself to do the very same thing and to apply what I learned. By “forcing” myself to do so, I have become a more efficient blogger and my business has really grown.