From Hobby Blogger to Career Mom

Nina started her blog, Sleeping Should Be Easy, in 2010 as an online journal about being a mom. Her main goal was to record milestones and everyday events in her children’s lives, as well as the parenting lessons she was learning along the way.

She soon found that her message was resonating with other parents in similar situations. She received letters from readers letting her know that her posts helped them handle their own parenting conflicts and find answers to their problems, and her real life friends came to her with their questions as well.

Even so, she felt stuck and frustrated as a blogger, especially as she noticed others who had been blogging for less time growing their blogs and earning an income. Although she was putting in a lot of effort, she wasn’t seeing a lot of growth, and she was earning almost no income—often as little as $10 a month. To her, it seemed much safer to think of her blog as a hobby.

But deep down, she also knew that if she really wanted to grow and earn an income the way others were, she was going to have to invest in her blog and actually commit to the process. She was going to have to stop hiding behind the word “hobby” and take it seriously.

Ultimately, after reading a number of testimonials from others who had taken the Elite Blog Academy course and seen real results, she decided to take the leap and enrolled in our Spring 2015 session.

Almost immediately, she began to see some real results of her own.

While her content and message had always been strong, she discovered new ways to grow her audience, and in less than a year quickly increased her page views nearly tenfold, from 29K a month to nearly 200K a month, noting that it took her five years to get to 29K, so to be able to grow that quickly was nothing short of amazing.

And while Nina is thrilled by the increase in traffic, she says that her biggest lesson from EBA has been learning how to diversify her income stream, especially through products. Through EBA, she was inspired to write a book called Parenting With Purpose that currently sits high in the parenting category on Amazon and has helped generate a steady stream of income. But she doesn’t plan to stop there—she has several more product ideas she wants to pursue, and is already working on the next one!

About her time in EBA, Nina says, “investing in EBA was the best money I ever spent on my blog. EBA presents all the information in one place — information that one would normally have to collect from several sources. The course also provides an effective timeline and an accountability piece. While completing the course, I set goals and worked hard to achieve each one. I believe you have to do so to stand out in the blogging world. Although I still use my blog as my creative outlet, I’m so much more committed to it and treat it as a business. Now, all the effort I’ve put in has paid off. After my first 5 years of blogging, I was earning just $10 a month. After 7 months at EBA, I’m earning more than $1,500 each month and aspire to increase that even more.”