From Full of Fear to Full-Time Income

I began blogging in 2015, as an outgrowth of my then coaching practice where I helped women overcome their under-earning and create a healthy relationship with money. A friend had been trying to convince me for years to change my business model, but I stupidly ignored her. After spending five years caring for my mother who suffers from dementia, and trying to maintain my coaching practice, I finally realized I couldn’t keep up with the demands any longer. I wanted to continue to help people with their money issues, and blogging seemed a great way to accomplish this task.

I focus on helping women become a master of their homes and finances, because when those two issues are handled, your life has a tendency to run more smoothly. My biggest frustration with blogging was how to get my message out there, drive traffic, and build a following. Before EBA came along, I wasn’t sure what to do or how to do it. I was also fearful about my ability to make a living blogging. As a 54 year old single woman, I thought – if this didn’t work, what is my alternative? I enrolled in EBA during the spring of 2015 and the course helped me to push aside my fears and, instead, focus on my dreams and goals. I could see not only that Ruth was making a full time [plus] income, but that many other people were doing it too and if they could do it, so could I. EBA gave me the foundation to accomplish my goals by providing me the resources, tools and strategies to implement my plan and move this business forward. What a win-win it was for me!

I’ve proven to myself I can make money blogging and EBA has given me a great foundation and plans to follow to grow my business. One of the most significant things I learned was about Pinterest and its platform to drive traffic. I had heard of Pinterest but had no clue what to do with it. The whole section about Pinterest was a game changer for my blog. I brand all my images now, try to write captivating descriptions and am amazed at the amount of traffic I receive each month as a result. The other thing I learned was that I was clueless about was SEO. Now, I’m still a bit behind the eight ball with SEO, but I am getting better and better at it. As a life-time student in the course, I can review that unit pretty regularly to see what else I can garner from it to put into practice or sometimes to just give myself a little refresher. Either way, the content is there for me to utilize when I need it.

I must point out that the course requires you to work diligently. Don’t just skim the course – really work the course. Do the assignments and read and re-read what you don’t understand. Set realistic goals you want to achieve and work at them. A year later, you’ll be amazed at what you were able to accomplish. I was very fortunate to have found EBA as I was starting out. And now my hard work is literally paying off! My income has steadily increased over the course of the year. I went from making zippo to ending out December at $4,000!

I really feel blessed and fortunate that I was able to be part of EBA, get to know so many wonderful fellow bloggers and get my message out to those who need it. My only regret is I didn’t do this years ago. But, it came at a time that was right for me and I can continue to do this work well into my future years. In fact, my daughter will be joining the team this year and someday this blog will be hers. It’s a great feeling knowing I can continue to grow this business and hand it off to her someday.