From Side Hustle to Full Time Professional

When Gina enrolled in Elite Blog Academy in the Fall of 2014, she was already doing pretty well. She had started her blog, Horkey Handbook, as a way to provide writing samples and to connect with potential clients, and she was earning more than $2,000 a month as a freelance writer and virtual assistant. She had been blogging since 2010, and, as someone who worked with a lot of other bloggers, she really wasn’t sure there was that much more she had to learn.

Even so, she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something she could be doing better. She felt stuck and unable to grow, and while she was earning some money, it wasn’t anywhere close to what she wanted to be making as a full-time professional. And yet, she wasn’t sure what to do next.

With a 100% guarantee, she figured she had nothing to lose, and she enrolled in the very first Elite Blog Academy course.

Straight out the gate, the first thing that EBA really helped her with was refining her message. As a writer, her content was already really good, but she quickly realized that she needed to narrow her focus. She restructured her navigation, began using an editorial calendar, improved her design, and overall became more confident and organized.

From there she worked to expand and grow her audience. She focused specifically on growing her email list by offering 8 Steps to Start Your Freelance Career off on the Right Foot, blogging consistently on topics pertinent to her readers, offering content upgrades on her blog posts and more recently, via a free email course. In fact, she’s grown her list from 100 subscribers at the beginning of 2015 to almost 3,000 today!

But Gina’s biggest transformation came in the form of how she monetized her blog. While she had previously been earning a respectable income offering her personal services, she realized that her true gift was in teaching others. On her blog she now offers two different online courses, one for learning how to become a virtual assistant and one for learning how to be a freelance writer, and her latest venture is a matchmaking service for virtual assistants and online entrepreneurs.

Just over one year after enrolling in EBA, her income has skyrocketed to more than $15,000 a month and continues to rise. She has truly gone Pro, and she absolutely loves it!

Of her experience with EBA, Gina says:

“When I started with EBA, I wasn’t totally sure how to grow, but EBA helped give me a structure and framework to grow my platform, audience, and reach. Now I have a clear plan. It has changed my life.”

When we asked her advice for others who might be considering or taking EBA, she offered this: “Make a plan for success, but do more than just learn. Take the course and implement the exercises. It will change your blog’s life, but IMPLEMENTATION is key!”