From Stressed Corporate Lawyer to Loving Life

When Tasha started Elite Blog Academy in 2014, she was a partner in her corporate law firm, where she defended medical professionals in big, multi-million dollar malpractice cases. She was also the mom to three-year old twin girls.To say she was busy and stressed out was an understatement!

She started her blog, Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, as a creative outlet, but she just didn’t feel like she had time to figure out all the ins and outs of blogging.  She was interested in enrolling in EBA because she thought it might be easier to let someone else do all the research and point her in the right direction, but she was worried about making such big investment into what was little more than a hobby at that point.

Of her time spent in EBA, she says:

“I jumped into the course right away when I purchased it in September 2014.  I immediately learned about creating awesome content, perfect pins and going back to optimize old content.  Truly, I have never worked harder in my life, especially since I was still working full-time as a lawyer! 

Blogging is HARD WORK.  Results do not come for free and Elite Blog Academy is not magic.  It will not do anything for you if you don’t put the work in.  But I put in the work in and within a year I had more than tripled my page views and was earning more than $10,000 a month through my blog.

On January 1, 2016, 16 months after starting Elite Blog Academy, I gave up my partnership at my firm to blog full-time.  I am now earning MORE than I was as a private practice attorney from my blog.  My blog and income continue to grow and I don’t plan to slow down any time soon.  And more importantly, I couldn’t be happier!  As far as I am concerned, the sky is the limit!”