The Blogging Resource You Can’t Miss

Let’s face it—figuring out all the ins and outs of the blogging world can be a little overwhelming sometimes! Whether you are just getting started or have already been blogging for years, it often feels like the more you learn, the more questions you have!

In fact, that’s exactly why I created Elite Blog Academy—it is a proven step-by-step framework that shows you exactly how to create a successful, profitable blog…without all the overwhelm.


A clear blog structure is critical to a blogger's success. Organize your blog so that your readers can always find exactly what they're looking for & become raving fans! It's a game changer, and right now it's absolutely free.

Since 2014, thousands of EBA students have been able to apply this framework with incredible results. It’s a system that works, and it just keeps getting better. In fact, we’re pretty sure our next version of the Elite Blog Academy Course—EBA 4.0—is going to knock your socks off!

Of course there’s only one big problem for those of you who have anxiously been waiting to get in—the doors for EBA 4.0 won’t be opening until March 2019!

It’s kind of a bummer, right?

Luckily I have some really good news for those of you who are eager to start getting ready right away!

Want to grow your #blog? The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is back and is 98% off for just 6 days! Get access to over $6000 in #blogging resources, at one amazing price making it the blogging resource you can't miss! #eliteblogacademy #ultimatebundles #geniusbloggerstoolkit #bloggingresources #makemoneyblogging

Starting today, for SIX days only, you can get access to a special digital blogging bundle of 77 different eBooks, eCourses, printables, and bonuses called the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit valued at more than $5,500 for just $97.


You guys, you will not find another resource for bloggers like this, at least not one of this caliber for this price.

It has an insane amount of valuable information, including resources for creating amazing content, expanding your reach on social media, growing your email list, creating products, monetizing your platform, and maximizing your productivity.

I’ve even included my newest course, Irresistible Email™, in the toolkit, which is a $297 value all on its own! Irresistible Email is a course designed to help you attract, captivate, and nurture your own tribe of raving fans through email. It dispels any myths about what it takes to master email marketing, and instead gives you straightforward, practical advice for increasing your engagement (and your conversions!)

In other words? It’s kind of a game changer. And it alone makes the cost of the toolkit more than worthwhile!

Of course, Irresistible Email™ is only ONE resource to get excited about! There are also 71 more.

Here are just a few of my favorites:


  • How to Build a Beautiful Blog: Graphic Design Building Blocks for Bloggers by Menucha Citron Ceder ($16.99)
    Learn how to build a beautiful blog – from photo editing to logo design, and more! This ebook includes all the graphic design concepts a blogger needs to know, written for the layman, and nothing more.


  • The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content That Sells and Hooks by Meera Kothand ($3.99)
    Unlock countless content ideas. Sell your products and services with ease. Get your content to work harder for you.


  • The Blog Happy Club: A Digital Monthly Subscription Designed to Make Your Blog-Life a Million Times Easier {and More Fun!} (3 months) by Tanya Peterson ($51.00)
    The BlogHappy.Club gives you monthly day-by-day action plans, templates, and swipe files to help you know exactly what the next right step should be to grow YOUR blog.


  • Email Growth & Marketing Bootcamp by Jennifer Roskamp ($247.00)
    Email Growth & Marketing Bootcamp will teach you how to build a list of your raving fans, what nurturing your list really looks like, and how to grow your income like never before.
  • Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest by Kate Ahl ($37.00)
    A step-by-step PDF guide to help you create your first email lead magnet and how to pin that to strategically to Pinterest to help you grow your newsletter


  • Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Everything You’re Missing by Carly Campbell ($79.00)
    This affiliate marketing course focuses on creating conversions – in blog post AND in email. It’s one thing to put a bunch of links out there, and a while ‘nother thing to make money from ’em.


  • How to Create Your Own Printables by Laura Smith ($97.00)
    Just give Laura one hour – and she’ll show the secrets she’s used to create loads of printable downloads that grew her blog into a six figure business.



  • The Blogger’s Bookkeeping Workbook by Ultimate Bundles ($47.00)



  • Rock Your Live: Taking You From Page to Stage by Abby Rike Rockenbaugh ($37.00)
    Find plug-n-play script with planning worksheets for Live video content.


  • WordPress Made Easy by Amanda Creek (a $47.00 value)
    WordPress Made Easy is a beginner’s course that shows you how to get your website setup on WordPress in just a few short hours.


And really, this is only the beginning! Seriously, even you’ve only dabbled in the blogging world and are still just getting your feet wet, this bundle is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get thousands of dollars of incredibly valuable information for less than a hundred bucks. And if you are serious about blogging, well, then the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a no-brainer. It’s that simple.

And while this bundle is a ridiculously amazing deal that I do think you would be absolutely crazy NOT to take advantage of, I will be totally honest and tell you that there is actually something I DON’T love about big digital bundles like these.

Do you know what it is?

They can be too much of a good thing! There is so much information that it becomes totally overwhelming. You don’t know where to start or what to focus on first, and so you find yourself spinning around in circles and unable to apply any of it to your own situation.

In fact, maybe right now there is even a part of you that is looking at all those resources and thinking, “yikes, this seems like way too much information to deal with right now. I think I’ll just wait for EBA. EBA is proven. EBA is simple and straightforward. EBA is just one thing.”

And that’s actually a pretty smart way of thinking. After all, if you let yourself get overwhelmed, you are more likely to quit. And if you quit, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

But that’s exactly why I wanted to create something just for you to go along with the Genius Blogger Tool Kit that would help eliminate the overwhelm and get you totally ready to rock EBA 4.0 when it starts in February—a personalized EBA Prep Guide that will help you focus on the very best resources that this incredible Tool Kit has to offer so that you can hit the ground running and find massive success that much sooner.

But that’s not all! I’m SO convinced that this Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is going to help prepare you for massive success in EBA, that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is! And so, when you purchase your Tool Kit, I’ll also send you a $97 Voucher that you can use towards your EBA 4.0 tuition in March.

Pretty sweet right?

Here’s what to do to get your Toolkit, Irresistible Email course, EBA 4.0 Prep Guide, and $97 EBA 4.0 Voucher:

1.)  Purchase your Genius Blogger’s Toolkit HERE

2.)  Fill in the form HERE with your Receipt # to get access to Irresistible Email, as well as your EBA 4.0 Prep Guide & Voucher

3.)  Check your inbox for your login info, as well as your Prep Guide & Voucher.

Here’s the thing–you will never regret taking the steps today to build your success tomorrow. This bundle — that includes our Irresistible Email™ Course (which isn’t available to purchase anywhere else) – will help you get clear and focused to help you create the profitable blog you know you’re capable of.