How to Put Profit First -5 things I learned from Mike Michalowicz

Let’s face it–starting and running a business can feel pretty intimidating, and sometimes even downright scary. And if we’re being honest, most of that fear often comes down to all the unknowns about money. What happens if this business we’re working so hard to build doesn’t actually earn a profit?

In business, conventional wisdom says that you should pay all your expenses before paying yourself. Click to Tweet

After all, income minus expenses equals profit, right?

Not necessarily.

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What if I told you that the trick is to pay yourself first instead of last?

It seems like no matter how much we make, so many of us end up living paycheck to paycheck. But what happens when you start paying yourself first? In this episode of the Do It Scared Podcast, Mike Michalowicz, bestselling author of Profit First, talks about why you need to put profit first, kill your ego, and learn from your biggest mistakes! #eliteblogacademy #doitscared #profitfirst #ruthsoukup #mikemichalowicz

If this doesn’t make sense, you’ll love Episode 20 of the Do It Scared  Podcast. My guest, Mike Michalowicz is the bestselling author of Profit First. He explains how simply putting profit first is a behavioral change that will absolutely save your business.

A serial entrepreneur since college. Mike had a HUGE ego. He built businesses just to sell them and he sold them for large profits to afford his lifestyle. Unfortunately, his ego cost him a LOT. The reality is, Mike ran out of money. He lost his house, cars, most of his possessions, but luckily not his family.

Ultimately, it was this financial ruin that gave him the clarity he needed. He decided to fix himself first, lose his ego, and then help other people who struggle with money and profit just like him.

In this episode, Mike talks about the simple thing you can do to put profit first and why he no longer has time for an ego. His story will absolutely change the way you think about finance in your business!

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