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Wouldn’t it be nice if there really was a bright red easy button to push whenever blogging and building an online business started to get a little challenging? We’d all be pushing the button every chance we got to instantly gain followers, and we’d definitely push that easy button when it came to making money

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an easy button.

What we DO have though is something better, and that’s called a plan.

Do you ever feel like you are missing something?

Our newest free guide will show you the exact steps for identifying THE missing piece that will get your business back on track. Gain clarity and know what you need to do next to start getting traction again.

If you want to gain followers, spike your traffic, and even build an audience that is dying to buy your latest course or product, then you definitely need to start by increasing your blog’s reach.

And, following these five easy-to-do steps, you can virtually increase your blog’s reach overnight!


Pinterest is probably one of the best places to start expanding your blog’s reach and start growing an audience. To start in Pinterest, you want to create attractive, eye-catching graphics and optimize both your pins and your boards for keywords that can be easily searched.

If you don’t yet have a lot of your own content, Pinterest can also be a great way to become a curator of content that is related to your own core topics. You can do this by setting up boards for each of your core topics, then pinning related content on a regular basis. This way, your reach grows through people following your boards because they love what you are curating. And, when you start creating your own content, you can share it to the fan base you’ve already established there and it’s likely those followers will re-pin your pins, and you are well on your way to skyrocketing your blog’s reach.


Commenting on other blogs gives us the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in our space, most of which have larger audiences and more experience than we do. When we connect with other bloggers, we can create allies and friends that support our businesses as they grow.

But, one of the hardest parts about commenting is walking that fine line between being too sales-y and spreading the word about your content. But if you practice commenting well (giving feedback to others, and steering clear of too much self-promotion) than commenting can be one of the quickest ways to improve your reach and drive traffic.


SEO is definitely one thing we always pay attention to. It’s an ongoing task, and we make sure that every post is fully optimized. But, we promise, it’s not as hard as you think, and you don’t need to be a pro to get your posts ranked in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google’s job is to help people find amazing content. SEO helps Google understand what each page of your site is about so they can help the right people find YOUR amazing content.

If you apply the right techniques consistently over time, you’ll start seeing yourself move up in the Google rankings — and more and more readers will come your way. So, make sure you take the time to optimize each and every one of your posts to be SEO friendly. If you do so, you will be, without a doubt,  increasing your blog’s reach. If you want more information on how SEO and best practices, check out our post, “conquer your fear of SEO.


When it’s done strategically, guest posting is a great way to get your content in front of a new audience, make valuable connections, and tap into a whole new traffic source.

The keyword here is strategically.

Writing a guest post takes time and energy, so if you’re going to do it, you want to be sure it’s time and energy well spent. It’s not about guest posting wherever you can. It’s about guest posting on blogs that will justify that time and energy, and deliver the reach you’re looking for.

When you guest post on blogs with audiences similar to yours, that content will (hopefully) intrigue their readers enough to check out your blog and become your own faithful and dedicated readers.


There’s no denying it: Facebook ads are absolutely EVERYWHERE. And if you’ve been paying attention, it probably seems like everyone who’s anyone is touting the wonder that is Facebook ads.

We too think advertising on Facebook is amazing. Ads can be pretty awesome and an incredible tool for building your business and expanding your reach. If you’re first starting out and wanting to reach a larger audience, then you definitely need to try boosting a post.

A boosted post is a Facebook post you “boost” to get it in front of a larger group of people. You create a post that has some sort of revenue driver (like a blog post that includes an affiliate link or an email capture) and share it directly to your Facebook page, just like you would a normal post. As long as you have an ad account on Facebook (and if you don’t, you can learn how to set one up here), you’ll see a button that says “boost post”. Click that button, and it allows you to set a budget and targeting parameters for your post.

If you are craving more in-depth information on Facebook Ads, read our Facebook Advertising Basics post.

Upping your Pinterest game, commenting properly, optimizing, guest posting, and boosting posts on Facebook are just 5 easy ways you can virtually increase your blog’s reach overnight!

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  1. I definitely need to up my guest posting and commenting game! I have been focusing on Pinterest and SEO for a long time and should improve other areas now.

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