How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Did you know that nearly every viral post has 4 elements in common? In this blog post, we'll walk you through those 4 elements of the perfect blog post step-by-step so that you can start incorporating them into your own blog for maximum success!

Here at Elite Blog Academy, we pride ourselves in helping our students build successful and profitable blogs, and our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to take you from idea to a well-run business.

One of our favorite tools is our proven blog structure blueprint. We even have students refer to our framework as a magic formula that has transformed their businesses. We don’t know about magic, but one thing that our company does well is to identify the daunting tasks and roadblocks that many of you are encountering. We then break those scary tasks down into easy-to-follow, actionable steps.

Writing the perfect blog post is no different! The thing is, there’s no magic formula for creating a blog post that will go viral, leaving thousands of impressions, and turn your growing audience into an avid group of readers, hungry for more….But, we do have the next best thing…a list of elements that all viral blog posts have in common.

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Here are 4 elements that almost all viral blog posts have in common, and the things you should incorporate into your posts ASAP:

They offer practical help and advice and address a felt need.

What do we mean by felt need? Let’s say you are a blogger that writes specifically about parenting your two toddlers. Your audience might love seeing and reading about your cute kids, but they keep coming back to you because you are addressing a felt need. Maybe it’s advice on how to deal with temper tantrums gently, or maybe it’s advice on squeezing in some self-care amidst the chaos. Whatever your readers are craving, make sure to give it to them in your blog posts. You don’t need to stick close to one topic because you can branch off into many topics from your central theme.

Once you narrow down what felt need you’re going to explore in your blog post, then it’s time to give practical, and easy to follow, advice addressing and hopefully solving that need. If your post gets them closer to their desired result, then they will remember you forever as an expert of the topic at hand. The thing is, learning something is what drives people to read blog posts in the first place, so why not entertain but also educate your readers at the same time. Doling out easy-to-follow, practical advice, that addresses your readers felt need is just one element each post needs to incorporate.

They have clear focus

We all tend to squirrel, where our minds are running at a million miles a minute, thinking about the laundry at the same time we’re wondering what time to start dinner and going over our grocery list…but try and tame this mental chaos when you write. You don’t want to break out into too many tangents, where your reader can’t even follow what the article was about in the first place.

We remember from high school being taught to ALWAYS write the thesis of our paper first and then flush out everything else (intro, supporting statements, conclusion) after the thesis was established. The same goes for writing a blog post. Write your central point first. This can be one to two sentences and then structure your post from them. We love to create lists in our post because the list headers help us stay focused on our central theme. You can see that come into play in this post, where we list 4 elements supporting our central theme of creating a viral blog post.

They have beautiful graphics

Let’s be real here, no post should be published without graphics! These are the visuals that hook your reader and bring them in and excited to learn more and read more of your post. Beautiful graphics are the key that unlocks a great post. And you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to create beautiful graphics. We love using Canva’s templates to help us design awesome graphics. You do want to remember to keep your graphic as closely aligned with your blog post’s focus as possible as well as aligned with your branding. If we go back up to the example above, if you’re writing about calming toddler tantrums, you might want to use an image of a toddler crying and throwing things, with text over it that says 3 simple ways to stop a tantrum in its tracks.

Graphics are one of the most important elements in your post when it comes to it going viral. These are the images that will populate when people share your post. So make sure your graphics are also the right dimensions to be shareable on social media.

They have a clear Call-To-Action

You’ve found your focus and created easy-to-follow steps that help solve a felt need. You’ve designed beautiful graphics to help your post be shareable and hook the reader. Now it’s time for the last element viral posts have in common, and that’s the Call To Action or CTA for short. There’s no point writing an amazing post if you leave the reader hanging. You need a “what next.” This is the part where you offer the reader a follow up to the practical advice you’ve just shared with them.

You want to capitalize on those viral views and get those readers onto your list. It would be beneficial to link your CTA to a lead magnet or a product. If you are that mommy-blogger focusing on toddler behavior, your call to action would be something like this… “download my eBook on how to re-route these 10 common toddler behavioral issues to claim back your days.” Your blog post has already established your knowledge in your readers’ areas of concern and your CTA allows your reader to expand upon the ideas or solutions you’ve just presented.

In the end, there’s no magic formula for guaranteeing your blog post will go viral. Like anything else in life, virality is often a combination of hard work combined with a little luck and the right timing, but you’ll only be able to take advantage of the luck and timing aspects if you’ve put in the work. So do the work. Address the felt need. Write with focus. Create great graphics. Include a clear call-to-action. Every single time.

You might just  be amazed at what happens next!


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