Why You Can’t Afford NOT To Think Big

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Or, on the flip side, what if we set some big goals… and then we don’t hit them? Won’t that be a total bummer? Isn’t it better not to set ourselves up for disappointment?

And I totally get it! But let me be the first to say that just because we set a destination of where we want to go in our business doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to change course along the way. I think it’s super important to be flexible with our goals. Sometimes, we’ll realize along the way that the goal we’re working towards isn’t what we want anymore. Other times, we’ll realize that what we’re doing isn’t getting us to where we want to go, and we’ll have to completely change course.

And both of those situations are a-okay. In fact, we should expect them.

And it’s that direction that will keep us moving forward, no matter what course or destination we ultimately decide is right for us and our blogs.



If you’re thinking, “Well, all of this sounds great, but I have too much to do! I don’t have time to think big,” I totally get it. But remember—we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Spending some of that time working towards our big goals isn’t any harder than losing all of our time with the small stuff (and trust me, all the day-to-day stuff isn’t going anywhere).


Of course, a big goal is only as good as your ability to execute, and that is where planning small comes in.

Once you’ve established your big goal, you’ll need to break it down into manageable bite-sized pieces—smaller goals for your quarter, your month, your week and your day. And then you’ll need to make sure that you are setting time aside EACH DAY to work towards that bigger goal. Because ultimately it is your daily actions that will get you to where you want to go.

A great way to start is by filling out the worksheet we mentioned in Brooke’s story. This is a worksheet we use for coaching in the Powerhouse program and it looks something like this: 

After you claim your Wildy Important Goal, you determine five milestones to measure that will help you reach that goal. These could be things like revenue numbers per product, # of email subscribers, #of podcast downloads, etc. Whatever you determine to be an important milestone in order to achieve your WIG. Then from there, you look at where you are now and break down step by step within each milestone what it’s going to take to reach that goal. 

But the question is, do you know where that is?

If you are an existing business owner and recognize that thinking big is something that you struggle with, you are not alone! But that is also a really good reason to be in a community of business owners with similar goals because we have discussions like this weekly in our Powerhouse program and it is MAGIC seeing the transformation in our members as they find their drive and see the results they have wanted for so long. 

If you need this too, here are your next steps: 

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  1. Goal setting (and sticking with the ones I do set) is a huge struggle for me. I definitely think it’s a mindset thing of not committing to something in case it changes. I still struggle just to create a content calendar. This post makes me want to sit down and begin to set bigger goals for where I want my blog to go. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Time to get busy!

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