The Most Powerful Choice You’ll Ever Make for Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we like to think we are in control. I mean we get to decide what we post about, what type of images we like to use, when our emails go out. And, it is this creative control that makes our websites unique and helps drive our success.

But, what about the things we can’t control? Like criticism, technical issues, others copying our work? It can be SO hard to handle situations that are outside of our control.

The thing is, you can’t control every aspect of your business, but you CAN control how you respond.

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You see, it’s tempting to blame other people or circumstances when things go wrong for us and to make one excuse after another as to why our businesses aren’t exactly where we want them to be. And if i’m being honest, it’s not always easy to be in control of our mindset and the way we respond- but how you choose to respond is one of the most powerful decision you’ll ever make in your personal life and in your business.

Thankfully, taking ownership of our reactions is simpler than it sounds. In Episode 25 of the Do It Scared Podcast, I share three specific steps we can take to gain ownership of any situation.

So let’s talk about the practical steps you can take, from letting go of the victim card, being your own hero, to taking back your control:



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So often, we play the victim card without even realizing it. Those rationalizations that we’ve made for why we can’t be successful, or why we can’t go after our goals and dreams, or why we can’t accomplish the things we really want to do are so close to the surface, such a part of our internal narrative, that they come out before we even realize what we are saying. They are such a part of our story that we don’t even recognize that we are making excuses.

But a good excuse is still just an excuse.

And as long as you are looking for a reason not to, you’ll find one. Excuses come in an unlimited supply, for everyone. Yes, some people get dealt a lousy hand. And yes, sometimes life isn’t fair. But when you keep playing the victim card, you are the only one standing in your own way and holding yourself back from what you truly want.


The need for a hero and the desire to be rescued is an idea that certainly permeates our everyday lives. Because, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just find someone to save us from ourselves?

But here’s the problem with waiting to be rescued—life doesn’t really work that way! Most of the time the people around us are far too busy trying to keep up with their own busy, chaotic, and frustrating lives to worry about saving you from yours. And ultimately, that makes waiting to be rescued just another excuse! Like playing the victim, telling ourselves we can’t do something because we don’t have anyone to help us along the way is just one more big fat lie.

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It is human nature to want to blame other people or our circumstances when things go wrong, or when we fall short of our goals and expectations. But that’s exactly why making the decision to accept responsibility for everything that happens to you is such an act of courage. It’s putting an end to the excuses and saying that it doesn’t matter who has hurt you, or what terrible things have happened to you, or whether you’ve had death or illness or tragedy in your life, whether you’ve had to file for bankruptcy or lost a job or are permanently disabled. It is making the daily choice to accept responsibility for your decisions, without looking for someone or something to blame. It’s acknowledging the simple truth that regardless of your circumstances, you are in control of the way you respond, each and every day.

You need to take back control so that you can get where you want to be.


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